10 Reasons Why Builders & Remodelers Fail to Grow

There are 10 common reasons why Builders and Remodelers fail to achieve real growth with any abundance of Time & Money. The truth is, if you’re a Builder or Remodeler you literally have a winning lottery ticket in your pocket. Sadly a very small percentage will ever figure out how to cash it in.

This book contains the key to cashing in your ticket. It’s not just about an abundance of Money it also comes with an abundance of Time and Freedom. We need real growth to ever get Freedom. I know what you’re thinking. “I work 60+ hours a week now, I can’t imagine if we doubled, tripled or 10X’d what we do now!” Your thinking is not wrong, as it’s based on what you know now. Your past experience creates your perception of the future. It’s time to change all that by uncovering the 10 Reasons that are keeping you stuck.

We are not only sharing the 10 Reasons, we are sharing a game plan with actionable steps and tools that you can use immediately to bust through these roadblocks. Once you master these 10 Reasons the skies, the limit. You will become more profitable than ever before. You will leverage your time and build teams like you’ve never done before. The day to day issues you hate will no longer be yours and the well oiled machine you’ve always wanted will become a reality.

Don’t be the one that works his or her ass off all their life with that ticket still in their pocket at the end of the road. Work through this book chapter by chapter and watch your life and business transform!


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