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Our Core Programs

The 4 Level System of Programs will take your business to the next level.

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4 Week Cash Builder

This 30 Day Program is designed for Builders and Remodelers doing $1M - $5M to identify and address leaks in cash. Through our 10-Point Diagnostic and comprehensive Mastery Series, we'll create a game-plan to capture these missing dollars and set you on your path to profitable growth and scalability.

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Freedom Builders

Designed to execute the Game-Plan created for those who have completed the 4 Week Cash Builder and are currently making between $1M - $5M annually, with weekly sessions guided by a Success Coach with complete access to the Freedom Builders Academy.

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Sales System

This 8 Week Program is designed to put your sales process on steroids with the 5 Secret Weapons to close more deals at higher price points, in a Do It Yourself, Done With You or Done For You Model (working with you to strategize and customize your package)

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The Farm System

Designed for Builders and Remodelers wanting to crack their first $1M in annual revenue. The program includes the full Mastery Series, Tools, SOP's and a community of like-minded individuals to help you reach that mark, all offered at a ridiculously affordable price!

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Builders & Remodelers who have enrolled into our Programs have seen an average of:
60% Sales Increase
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Net Profit Increase
WHY 4 Level coach?

The Advantages of Working with us

We're passionate about helping Builders and Remodelers achieve exponential growth by systematizing their business and developing strong leaders within their teams.

✔️ Ready-To-Use Resources

Access to 300+ Videos, Tools, Templates, SOP’s, Spreadsheets, Training Guides & Checklists to help you streamline your operations and improve efficiency.

✔️ Regular Industry Insights

Weekly Masterminds, Q&A sessions, and Hot-seats with industry experts to help you stay ahead of the game.

✔️ Strategic

Quarterly focus sessions to set game plans for the next 90 days and help you achieve your long-term goals.

✔️ Support You Can Count On

A supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs in the Home Building and Remodeling industry to connect and share insights With a personal success coach to help you through it all.

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The 4 Levels of Business

Our Purpose and sole reason of existence is to help Builders & Remodelers move from Levels 1 & 2 to Levels 3 & 4 in their Business.

Level 1.


Level 2.


Level 3.


Level 4.



Get to know Randy!

Each member of our team brings a unique expertise and passion to our mission. At the helm, Randy leads with unparalleled vision and wisdom, driving transformative results that redefine success in the home building and remodeling industry.

Randy Stanbury

Founder & Lead Coach

Randy’s a 30 year Serial Entrepreneur, 2 time Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker, Coach and Growth Specialist for Builders and Remodelers. After selling his core business for an industry high multiple in 2017, he founded his passion project, 4 Level Coach, to educate and guide Builders on how to Grow & Scale with the Ultimate Freedom of Time & Money. With stake in several Building and Remodeling businesses across the US and Canada Randy is recognized as a business expert and industry leader. Creating Wealth & Freedom for Builders through Scalability is truly his “Unique Ability” and what sets 4 Level Coach apart from its competitors.


More About 4 Level Coach

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What Our Clients Say

★★★★★ Google Review Rating

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Jay Catlin

Catlin - Design, Build, Renovate

“I've been working with 4 Level Coach for going on two years. It's been instrumental in the growth and profitability of my business. It's no joke, it takes hard work and commitment to yourself and your business. At times the change is uncomfortable but ultimately rewarding! Choose you! It'll be worth it! I will always be a positive reference for Randy and the team at 4 level who very much care about the success of their students."

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Chantal Ballantyne

Ballantyne Build's

“Working with 4 Level Coach has helped us improve our business on many fronts and we've become more knowledgeable business owners. The clarity we've gained with our finances and operations allows us to make better decisions and gives us a clear vision of how we want to grow our business and lives our lives."

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William Haas

Wood Fellows Renovations

“Randy and all of the 4 Level team have been tremendous for both me and my business. I was just really starting out on my renovation business when I met Randy over three years ago. Since that time my company has seen extraordinary growth and profits. Also, all the other business owners I met have been a wealth of encouragement and friendship. I'm super grateful for 4 Level, It’s hard to think of where I would be without them."

Testimonial Image

Steve Carlson

Coastal Contracting

“I reached out to 4 Level Coach for consulting.  Not only have I received consultation, but so much more. I was immediately brought into the fold with other contractors and also received one on one direction. I can literally, 24/7, reach Randy or his support team. My experience has been great, and I would not hesitate to recommend 4 Level to anyone. If you are serious about not only growing your business but scaling your business, give them a call."

Testimonial Image

Scott Milne

Master Home Reno

“The content, guidance, and format of the information provided by 4 Level Coach has surpassed my expectations!  Whether you are a seasoned contractor looking to position your company for sale at some future date, or you are new to the contracting business and need to ‘know your numbers’, there is so much content and positive guidance with this group!  I would highly recommend this program!"

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Dave Bernstein

DB Custom Homes

“Randy and 4 level are the real deal. My business quadrupled since working with them. Great support. Great systems. Great team."

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Kayla Briscoe


“As a business owner there is always something to learn and improve on. This program not only provides educational information, but you are interacting with other business operators and owners that either are going through or already have been through it. Randy is very helpful with any questions you may have. With no direction it’s hard to say where you will end up. This program teaches you how to find your direction.”

Testimonial Image

Gerald Nugnet

GK Builders LLC

“Randy and his team have been awesome for my business, offering a structured approach and comprehensive support that has enabled me to streamline operations, enhance financial management, and foster leadership within my team. The personalized coaching and resources provided have been instrumental in overcoming challenges and achieving sustainable growth”

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Matt Urbas

First Class Construction

“Great community. Great leadership. 4 Level helped us organize our business so we’re closing more sales and running our projects more efficiently. All this adds up to better customer service and increased profits."

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