1. Uncovering Growth Challenges:

  • Explore the 10 Reasons Why Builders & Remodelers Fail to Grow
  • Learn Effective Business Structuring Techniques
  • Identify Revenue Leaks and Areas for Improvement

2. Business Growth & Scalability:

  • Understand the Business Growth & Scalability Success Formula
  • Utilize the 10-Point Diagnostic for In-Depth Business Assessment
  • Learn how to calculate your 12 critical numbers
  • Develop Skills in Executing Strategic Game-Plans
  • Pinpoint Low-Hanging Fruit for Immediate Impact

3. Mastery Series Access:

  • Gain Lifetime Access to the Mastery Series (Financial Mastery, Pricing Mastery, Time Mastery, Team Mastery, System Mastery)
  • Explore Comprehensive Content: SOPs, Templates, Tools, Training Guides, and Spreadsheets

4. Weekly Deep Dive and Coaching:

  • Participate in Weekly Deep Dive Sessions for Continued Learning
  • Engage with a Dedicated Success Coach for Personalized Guidance
  • Access Ongoing Support for Implementing Strategies

5. Vision and Goal Setting:

  • Define a Clear 3-Year Vision for Business Growth
  • Establish Achievable 12-Month Goals Aligned with Your Vision
  • Leverage Weekly Deep Dive Sessions for Progress Reviews and Adjustments

This Program is designed to help Builders and Remodelers overcome growth challenges, implement scalable strategies, and achieve long-term success in their businesses.

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What We Do

The Pillars of our Programs

These essential pillars of each program work together with our Success System to ensure your profitable growth and scalability.

4 Week Cash Builder Pillars
Freedom Builders Pillars
Sales System Builder Pillars
Farm System Pillars
Our strategy

Our Success System and Structure

It's All Part of the Process.


Vision & Game-Plan:

How can we possibly know what actions today are  going to get us to where we want to be tomorrow without a Vision & Game Plan?


Business Savy:

Becoming a true “Business Owner” and “Entrepreneur” is the key to creating a well oiled, scalable machine that works more for you then you do for it!


Financial Literacy:

It’s impossible to maximize profits for real growth and scalability without knowing your numbers like you know how to Build or Remodel a home!


Pricing Mastery:

Your ability to price with confidence comes from Pricing Mastery and leads to profits few builders ever achieve!


Team Development:

Your ability to build great teams of “A Players” who follow Systems is the next key to profitable Growth & Scalability!


Acquistion Machine:

You must have Consistent and predictable leads that you can close at higher price points if you are to ever achieve real wealth and freedom!


KPI's & KRI's:

Elite Builders Track and Measure everything. Knowing what and how to track your KPI’s & KRI’s will take your business to the next level!

Weekly Sessions

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Quarterly Focus Session

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Success Coach

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